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Star Wars vs Star Trek site Index

Written: 1998.12.23
Last Revised: 2006.10.26

I Want YOU for the Galactic Empire: Main Star Wars vs Star Trek page

Technology: Main technology comparison overview

Myths: Breakdown of numerous sci-fi myths

Federation Industrial Capacity

Imperial Industrial Capacity

Federation Propulsion

Imperial Propulsion

Kuat Drive Yards Product Registration

Star Destroyer Pictures: Several key views of a KDY Star Destroyer

Federation Beam Weapons

NDF Theory: Discussion of the exotic reaction necessary to explain phaser behaviour

Imperial Beam Weapons

Asteroid: Discussion of the TESB asteroid vapourizations

Death Star: Explanation of the 2.4E32 J gravitational binding energy estimate for Alderaan

Alderaan: Explanation of the 1E38 J estimate for the destruction of Alderaan

Calculator: Planetary parameter calculator. Gravity, horizon distance, etc. for any planet

Calculus: Brief introduction to the concept of integration

Millenium Falcon Kinematics: Discussion of MF turbolaser impact in TESB

Base Delta Zero

Federation Torpedoes

Imperial Torpedoes

Shield Technology

Federation Sensors

Imperial Sensors

Federation Comm Systems

Federation Power Generation

Warp Core Power: An attempt to rationalize the widely varying power figure statements

Imperial Power Generation

Federation Special Tech

Praxis: Discussion of subspace, as it relates to the Praxis explosion in ST6

Imperial Special Tech

Ground Combat Tachnology: A comparison of real-life, Star Wars, and Star Trek ground combat technology

Federation Engineering Report: The Leah Brahm Scandal

Tactics: Main tactical comparison overview

Naval Tactics: Comparison of real-life, Star Wars, and Star Trek naval tactics

Campaign: Imperial campaign plan for conquering the Federation

Trekkie Combat, Star Trek Combat, and Real Combat: A criticism of Trekkie combat ideas

Strategic Evaluation of Extra-Galactic Empire: An evaluation of the Empire from the Federation's point of view

Federation FTL Combat: Federation warp tactics

Imperial FTL Combat: Imperial hyperdrive tactics

Federation Boarding Actions

Imperial Boarding Actions

Federation SCM: Federation space combat maneuvering tactics

Imperial SCM: Imperial space combat maneuvering tactics

Database: Searchable database of SW facts, ST facts, and common arguments

Fan Fiction: My own fan fiction

Conquest: A wayward starship finds itself trapped in Imperial space.

PDF Version: A downloadable version in Adobe's PDF format

Reign of Terror: A derelict ISD is found in Federation space.

Science: Discussion of real-life scientific principles

Constants: Some useful astronomical and physical constants

General Science: Some general scientific principles and laws

Pseudoscience: The name says it all

Heat: Some thermodynamics and heat transfer principles

Size Matters: The importance of size

Stellar Radiation Calculator

Relativity Calculator

Asteroid Destruction Calculator

Nuclear Weapons Effects Calculator

Essays: Miscellaneous discussions

Commandments of Sci-Fi: The curious rules of conduct in sci-fi :)

Quantum Mechanics in Star Trek: Discusses the neurotic over-use of the word "quantum" in ST dialogue

Racism in Star Wars and Star Trek

Sci-fi Debating Fallacies: Discusses numerous logical fallacies and deceptive debating tricks

Slippery Slope: Expanded explanation of the "slippery slope" logical fallacy

Engineering and Star Trek: The unrealistic engineering of Star Trek

Technobabblator: Star Wars quotes translated into Trek-ese

The Economics of Star Trek: My argument that the Federation is communist

The Communist Manifesto: My discussion of the failings of communism

Favourite Trekkie Arguments

Star Trek Philosophy

Battles: Cross-universe battle scenarios

Star Trek Writing Standards: a critique of the way Star Trek shows are usually written

Star Wars vs Star Trek in Five Minutes: a critique of the way Star Trek shows are usually written

Science, the Grand Illusion, and Other Neat Stuff

Brain Bugs

Planet Killers

Occam's Razor

How to Analyze Sci-Fi

Plasma Weapons: A very common but very bad sci-fi idea.

Hate Mail: Ignorant mail I've received from numerous detractors

Ted Rogers

Byron McFarlane

Richie Rich

Nicholas Fittro

Dave Travis

Zero Douji

Graham Kennedy

David Brin

Matt Brock

Stilgar Episode IV: A False Hope

Stilgar Episode V: The Blowhard Strikes Back

Stilgar Episode VI: Return of the Sore Loser

SpaceBattles.Com Babies

SpaceBattles.Com Babies #2: Chris O'Farrell and Robert Mercer

SpaceBattles.Com Babies #3: IXJac

Daniel Rodgers

Robert Mercer, aka Gothmog

Mike Griffiths, aka Lord Edam

John Riehle

Timothy Jones

Damien Hailey

Robert Scott Anderson, aka Darkstar, aka Guardian 2000

Eric The Mighty Sailor

Ryan Griffin, Self-Proclaimed PhD

Andrew Joshua Talon, Darkstar's Biggest Fan

Isaac Bishop Jr, aka "Virus-X"

Stewart Davies, aka the real James Bond


What's New

Links: Links to other sci-fi web sites

Site Index: This page

Movies: The three Special Edition classic trilogy movie posters

Abbreviations: Common Star Wars and Star Trek abbreviations

Canon: Rules for analyzing sci-fi "evidence"

Site FAQ

Sources: List of canon and official sources used for this site

E-Mail: E-mail submission form

Trekkie Mail Templates: Common categories of Trekkie mail

Other SW and ST Links on the Main Page

AOTC Revelations: Technical revelations stemming from AOTC

TPM Revelations: Technical revelations stemming from TPM

STI Revelations: Review and technical revelations for Star Trek: Insurrection

Star Trek Nemesis: My infamous pictorial synopsis of Star Trek: Nemesis

Multimedia: Miscellaneous audio and video files

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