Clone Army: part one

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Posted by Marcello Invernizzi ( on June 28, 2002 at 15:22:04:

In Reply to: Re: Clone Army posted by Meghel on June 28, 2002 at 07:13:45:

This is my view on the clone army.
One unit is an individual trooper.I believe this because at a certain point Taun We said "the first battalions are already ready" (unless they screwed the translation from english to italian,which is a possibility since the other star wars films
have been butchered by this).The 200.000 units mentioned would roughly form 200 battalions,which fits nicely with the sentence.
I think that if she meant that the units were formed by more than an individual trooper she would have used an other military term such as squad,platoon,company...We have also to consider that the clones are considered like things,so the use of the word "unit" is appropriate.Then there are some other considerations.This is not the first clone army that the Kaminoans have created.The others were created (I presume) for the planets or sectors defense forces.For that purpose armies composed by hundreds of thousands of clones or few millions should be more than enough.So the Kamino cloning facilities should be sized to handle that volume of production.At a certain point arrives master Sifo-Dyas,orders a clone army,pays a portion of the cost (I presume) and the Kaminoans start happily to build the army without asking too many questions.Do you really think really that if he ordered tens of billions of clones,which would have required a massive build up in their industrial base they would not have tried to contact the Republic to have more informations? No they took the job without asking too many questions only because that was a standard job for them.

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