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Posted by Marcello Invernizzi ( on June 28, 2002 at 17:01:19:

In Reply to: Clone Army: part one posted by Marcello Invernizzi on June 28, 2002 at 15:22:04:

1.200.000 clones are too few for a galactic army.
Considering that logistics,as it has been already pointed out, is probably handled by droids and the troops are well trained an army of one million of clones may be equivalent to 3-4 millions of normal troops.A bit better but not enough.
I think that we have to see it in the context.The separatists may have only some millions of droids (few months of production of that factory,which was probably destroyed at the end of AOTC).
So it is some millions of droids against one million of clones, which is quite balanced (remember that Palpy does not need a quick victory).At the beginning both sides will limit themselves to surgical strikes against enemy key targets (a logical choice for the separatists should be Kamino).But in the meantime larger armies will be prepared.The republic will create his own armed forces based around volounteers "Save your homeworld from the separatist scum, join the imp...ehm the republican navy" and the planet defence forces will boost recruitment.
The separatists will build other factories and maybe they will also recruit more people.And even the republic could build some
battledroids,although probably not too much of them.
The clonetroopers will remain as an člite ground assault force for the republican army,while the volounteers will be used to support them,to handle defensive tasks,for starships crews and so on.
With all these volounteers/droids coming we may finally get more realistic numbers for a full scale war.

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