imperial clones, Stormtroopers

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Posted by a ( on July 02, 2002 at 21:55:05:

wouldnt it make sense for the kaminoans to keep producing clones for the empire and if so why wouldnt thrawn, in zahns books use them? but he had to go to a secret world with a jedi clone master and get them from there. maybe the new republic conquered the planet kamino or maybe it was destroyed by the death star. I'm sure our eu friends will explain this away.

and another thing zahn sucks. They were indded good books his first three but what the hell, he uses all eu techno crap to write with and that sucks, oh those arent huge guns on a star destroyer those are just for show to scare away the enemy and hey a star destroyer couldnt hit a small fighter either and if that small fighter is caught by a tractor beam, hey just fire a pair of proton torpedoes at the star destroyer that will save you and the star destroyer's shields wont stop it....yeah right.

My ass, come on people, and why the hell would the emperor have the emperors hand mara jade oooooh, awe wow, yoda said it in episode 1 there are only two sith lords at one time a master and an apprentice. Come on the post sw books suck ass and thats all there is.

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