What should Lucas really do in E3

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Posted by BC ( on June 30, 2002 at 19:06:03:

[What should really happen, drug induced fantesy]

Who really thinks Padame is a good chick? Do you think its just a coincidence that she ended up meeting atakin on Tatooine, and spends all her time praising Palpitine for his "greatness" in her post TPM life.

I find it all the more likely, that Palpatine has already corrupted the young Padame, when he was in close contact with her as a queen. Furthermore, that she is working with Palpatine in order to seduce Atakin to the dark side. Comon, he asks a horny teenager to hang around her all the time?? Lets not forget she almost "gave in" to boy atakins twisted wilds in TPM. show of hands, how many people got anywhere as close as Atakin in seducing thier teenage babysitter?

yah, now she calls him anny, obviously a not so subtle ploy to get him in bed. (women are so devious)

Here is what I think is going to happen (should happen). Padame, takes to see the emperoer. they turn out to be evil sith. Atakin goes nuts, runs away, tells jedi council, jedi kill evil but tasty padame. Atakin loses it, and starts killing Jedi left and right. Obi, last man standing, throws him into a lava pit. Obi takes off with luke, leaves for tatooine.

Yah and lots of ship battles, and time spent in alein strip bars, swinging around thier bare head trunks, chopping off peoples hands.

Thanks for reading. I am sure you agree.

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