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Spacebattles Background

There is a group of hardcore Trekkies which hides out at Spacebattles' forums, snipes at me from afar, and makes excuses for not confronting me directly. Even when I challenged them directly, they started making excuses, and the guy (Gothmog) who finally came out to debate me refused to debate the Empire versus the Federation (even after I offered to scale down the odds so that the Empire would lose its numerical advantage), cheated on the debate conditions, and then ran away crying like a baby when it was obvious he was going to lose.

They criticize my position on Star Wars vs Star Trek with the following argument: "Wong is a bad person" (yes, I know, it's pathetic, isn't it? I guess they never heard that the Ad Hominem fallacy is wrong).

Some of its denizens have also taken a tribal, jingoistic approach to membership ("we'll attack any outsider who says anything bad about any of us"). Their tactics have been absolutely deplorable at times; one of them (Laird, aka "TheOne") even defaced my family pictures by digitally adding monkeys urinating on my wife! (and they have the nerve to criticize my behaviour!). After initially doing nothing, the mods responded to pressure and gave him ... a slap on the wrist. He was temporarily banned (others have been banned for much less, but he was once part of the moderating staff), and he's already back on the board (despite never having apologized, and he even went so far as to deny it ever happened, even though numerous people saw it, including LordChaos, one of the moderators). I can't generalize about the entire population of the board based on a small group of Trekkie babies and jingoistic assholes, but if you go there, just keep an eye out for them. The biggest idiot is Laird, but there are others (Gothmog, E1701, etc).

Update: it should be noted that since then, Laird has apologized to me, and while there is still a large contingent over there which seems to exist for the sole purpose of bashing me, this site, and its attached forums, overall relations have improved between the two boards.

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