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Debate #1: Robert Mercer

Last updated: 2001-12-31

My debate with Gothmog was a cakewalk. Honestly, I expected it to be harder, given the lofty opinion some SBers had of him. However, he proved to be quite a disappointment (if you are curious about the buildup to this little skirmish, click here to read more about the background events leading up to it).

He goes to great lengths to appear scholarly, but in the end, he turned out to have the mentality of a petulant child. He cheated on the debate terms (we mutually agreed to post both halves of the debate, here and at spacebattles.com, and he reneged on his end of the deal without telling me), he acted like the class tattle-tale when I caught him and swore at him for cheating (instead of apologizing, he screamed "you swore!"), and when it was obvious he was going to lose, he picked up his ball and ran home crying, instead of finishing the game.

But the crowning glory came afterwards, when he ran back to spacebattles.com and tried to buoy his shattered ego by bad-mouthing me from a distance. I'm told he started explaining to everyone that in the end, "versus" debates are a waste of time (does this sound like a little kid saying "aww, this game is stupid anyway!" to you?). Anyway, you may find the debate, its aftermath, and some of his bizarre articles on the subject amusing, so without further ado, here they are!

Pre-debate Negotiations

Gothmog's First Post

My First Rebuttal

Gothmog's Second Post

My Second Rebuttal

I catch Gothmog breaking our agreement

Gothmog Runs Away Crying (and his little posse wonders why I call them "babies")

Debate Post-mortem

The Article he tried to suppress

The Article he tried to replace it with

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