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Posted by RayCav of ASVS ( on June 28, 2002 at 02:31:32:

Just testing and posting my most basic reactions. Oh, and from the looks of it I'm the first ASVS reg I recognise, so go me! Anyway, AOTC deserves more credit than it gets. Granted, it didn't liven up until the action scenes, but that alone was worth it. Furthermore, they didn't fuck up the continuatility like they do with ENTERPRISE! Needless to say, AOTC is miles above TPM and lightyears ahead of the shit the Berman/Braga gang produce for movies. Oh, and I'd like to add the following quote in regards to technical discussion:

"DEATH STAR!!! FUCK YOU KJA!!!!" - Kynes Highwind

- RayCav, somewhat newbie regular of ASVS

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