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Posted by Simon H.Johansen ( on June 28, 2002 at 05:15:53:

In Reply to: Cool, man! posted by RayCav of ASVS on June 28, 2002 at 02:31:32:

"Furthermore, they didn't fuck up the continuatility like they do with ENTERPRISE!"

Erm... I HAVE found a continuity error in AOTC.

On Geonosis, we see the blueprints for the Death Star, which Dooku takes with him to Coruscant.

However, the litterature clearly states that the Death Star was designed by an Imperial design team headed by Qwi Xux and Bevel Lemelisk.

What shall we assume?? Should we go with what the movie states, or the litterature?? I actually go for one of several compromises:

1. The Geonosians designed a Death Star, whose blueprints Dooku took to Coruscant. However, in some military archives, the blueprints got lost. Then, a bunch of Imperial engineers later found the Death Star blueprints and claimed they invented it.

2. The Geonosians only had the IDEA for the Death Star and the basic ideas for how it should function, but Lemelisk, Xux and friends made the half-finished design complete and were therefore credited.

3. Lemelisk's design team designed the Death Star under the reign of the Empire, but they found out that they hadn't accomplished the deadline, so they travelled back in time and handed the blueprints over to the Geonosians.

I go with either theory #1 or #2.

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