why jedi shouldnt marry and why the EU idea wouldnt work

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Posted by a ( on July 02, 2002 at 21:18:12:

ok lets say jedi get married. This is why they should not.

Anger, fear, agression.

the anger over your loved one showing another more attention than you. That would lead to anger and jealousy.

fear that your loved one may be injured or killed or not faithful.

agression, getting mad because one or the other dies or divorces the other for another love.

there goes the new jedi order. How creative.

I'm sure Yoda and Ben must haven given luke just a little bit on how the jedi order worked before the empire and how it is suppost to work, but all of the eu fans out there will never grasp this consept, after all the jedi are not gods they have needs just like everyone else and getting married would give into sins of the flesh and the dark side.

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