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FlameRyan Griffin, self-proclaimed PhDFlame

Written: 2003-11-02

This clown barely deserves comment. Each message he sent was shorter and less coherent. Read and enjoy!

September 9, 2003

Name: Ryan Griffin, PhD
E-Mail: Ryangriffin719@hotmail.com
Comments: You are a cocky fool. I have two degrees from Auburn university, PhD in quantum physics and a masters in mathematics (my undergraduate work was done at Georgia Tech).

Good for you, Mr. Anonymous Hotmail Address who claims to have a completely unverifiable superior education.

An applied science degree is about as impressive as a degree in psychology.

Oh really! Your trash-talking merely belies your ignorance, since both the entrance and coursework requirements for engineering and psychology are grossly dissimilar. By the way, since I am legally qualified to do design work where the public safety is at risk while YOU are not, you are barking up the wrong tree. In the area of applied science for design purposes, my qualifications are actually superior to yours, even if I were to take your claims at face value.

you act as though you have years of physics and higher mathematics

Actually, an engineering degree DOES require years of physics and higher mathematics, dumb-ass.

Strike One.

(which you would need to accurately calculate the total energy output of the sun for any given amount of time)

The power output of the Sun can be found in any astronomy text, and believe it or not, it is RIDICULOUSLY easy to calculate energy when you already know power and time. For someone who claims to have a PhD in quantum physics, you seem to have an appallingly poor grasp of its most rudimentary principles.

Strike Two.

when in fact an applied science degree is such a generalized degree i would not consider you qualified to teach a higher level than highschool.

A BASc is the degree used for all engineers, but engineers DO specialize. You obviously have no clue as to the nature of scientific and engineering degrees; a BSc is a generalized degree as well, but that doesn't mean that all physicists are incompetent!

Strike Three.

It looks to me like you're bullshitting about your qualifications. Any real quantum physicist would know perfectly well that someone with a bachelor's degree is more than adequately qualified to apply basic kinematics and thermodynamics principles, as both are covered in any undergrad physics or engineering program.

And quite frankly, anyone who thinks it's a spectacular feat to calculate energy when you already know power and time is obviously a blithering idiot.

Maybe you should let the real scientists make these calculations for you. Go back to school

What's that sound I hear? Oh yes, I believe it's your Mommy telling you to go to bed. Maybe we'll talk in a few years, kid. But for now, the jig is up. You're not going to fool anyone by pretending to be a scientist when you obviously don't know your ass from a hole in the ground.

By the way, next time you try to bullshit your credentials, keep in mind that EVERY sci-fi bullshitter claims to be a quantum physicist, because it's geek-chic. Maybe you should try something less obvious next time.

September 10, 2003:

oh by the way nice copout. you fucking chinese short dicked mother fucker.

It's a "copout" to show how all of your claims are obviously bullshit? Fascinating. What would a real rebuttal have looked like?

if you had a real degree and a real fucking job you wouldnt have time to keep up with your rediculously incorrect web page.

Yes, it absolutely kills me to make an update every few months.

go back to GOD DAMN CHINA!!!

Never been there. Do you believe your racist ranting makes you look any more reasonable than you did before?

an applied science degree is not the basis for any fucking engineering degree unless you consider the taking of a ton of basic core classes and never specializing just as good as an engineering degree.

Thanks for confirming that you're an idiot. A BASc IS an engineering degree.

what is the highest math you have taken and dont bullshit. and when i say years of math and physics i am talking 5 or 6, not 2 douchebag.

I took a 5 year engineering degree, dumb-ass. You, on the other hand, seem like a high school dropout to me. I can smell the stench of failure and ignorance all the way over here.

and what the fuck is power. HAHAHAHA how do you calculate energy output using time and "power". power is not a unit of measurement. where did you get your degree? online perhaps? or maybe out of a cracker jack box?

Power is energy divided by time, the units of power are watts, and you obviously have a few screws loose. Did the people at the clinic not give you enough thorazine?

dont ever try to talk with someone with a real education. but i do have to say nice try. better luck next time pal.

Ryan Griffin
Auburn University
Dept. of Chemistry
CHEM Building 391

Wow, you figure that by listing a building number, you just authenticated your education? You honestly think that will fool anyone, after your bizarre screaming? You should be glad that nobody from Auburn University knows how to track you down through your Hotmail address, or they might be inclined to kick your ass for trying to make them look bad.

September 11, 2003

remember, ass, that we arent talking about me but you and your shitty degree. where did you get it from. was it the cracker jack box or the fucking internet? oh and lets not forget about your less than adequate appendage.

I got it from the University of Waterloo, where we know perfectly well that power is a quantifiable value. As for your obsession with my penis, I suspect that you have some deep-seated issues with your own sexuality. Please see a therapist.

applied science sucks and you know it. no college classifies applied science as an engineering degree is is college of science and mathematics. engineering is engineering and applied science is just gay. please stop flaunting a second rate degree is all i am asking.

Wrong, dumb-ass. All Canadian universities issue a BASc in Engineering, which is considered fully equivalent to an American Bachelor of Engineering. That's why a University of Waterloo Engineering BASc holder can qualify for postgrad engineering work at MIT (ever heard of them? One of my classmates did his Masters there). Yet again, you demonstrate your ignorance.

You've talked the talk, now walk the walk. Show how my calculations for the Sun's power output are wrong, since you seem to think they're so ridiculous. And while you're at it, explain why you have to use an anonymous Hotmail address rather than your Auburn university faculty E-mail, particularly since you're so willing to reveal your full name and even the building you work in (although you don't seem to show up on the staff listing; how curious).

Do you honestly believe anybody out there will be fooled by your bluffing? How old are you?

Later on September 11, 2003:

please dont try and attack someone who can see through your idiotic facade.

That's all you can say in defense of your ridiculous claim to be a quantum physicist, even though you didn't know that energy = power x time?

You make me laugh. I'll bet you seriously thought that you'd be able to rattle me with that infantile little bullshit attempt, didn't you? How old are you, anyway? Does your Mommy let you choose your own clothes yet?

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