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Flame on!Ted Rogers Flame on!

Written: 1999.04.25

Ted Rogers is just another ignorant high school kid with delusions of grandeur. As usual, he begins his post by flaming me (although he seems to think that if claims that he's not being rude, then I won't notice that he is being rude). But of course, when I flame him back he will be deeply offended :)

Let me begin with stating that this is not a rude letter, I simply find your ideas laughable.

Another ignorant Trekkie. Glancing over your post, I see that all of your arguments are based on layperson nonsense. Get an education, for Christ's sake.

(Editor's note: why would someone think that he can get away with a line like "I simply find your ideas laughable" if he just sticks a disclaimer in front of it?)

your famed Darth Vader failed to hit a target not 50 meters in front of him in the Death Star trench in ANH.

Heavy jamming. Read the novel. Read the tech books.

(Editor's note: I suppose I also could have pointed out that the film dialogue supports the tech books as well, , with Rebel pilots complaining about such heavy interference that they can't pick up the TIE fighters, but there is no point taking a lot of time to post carefully crafted answers to someone who obviously hasn't put the slightest bit of thought into his own posts)

HOW IN THE HELL CAN A SOVERIEGN CLASS STARSHIP NOT COMPARE TO A STAR DESTROYER?!! 1) bigger = less tech because you can't compact anything.

So the space shuttle is lower technology than a Mazda Miata? Yet another dumb argument. Performance is what matters.

Han Solo and "The fast ship in the Galaxy" could only go 1.5c where as the fastest a Federation Starship has gone is 13c.

Wrong on both counts. The Falcon can do several millions of times c, while Fed ships can do several thousand times c. At 1.5c or 13c, it would take years to go from one star system to another.

This also brings up the fact that Starfleet has FTL communication known as subspace which is substantially faster that "Hyperdrive" which is impossible anyway because it is basically a Worm Hole.

Neither technology is real. I only discuss their known characteristics. It is people like you who are so ignorant that you think it is real technology.

ALL OF THE PLANETS IN THE UNIVERSE LACK SUFFICENT GRAVITY (is space mass=effect on gravity) TO CREATE A WORM HOLE! THEY WERE CREATED IN THE BIG BANG. (I suggest you read Steven Hawkings' book.)

I have. The difference between you and me is that I am capable of understanding it, while you simply flail about in the dark. I make no claims about hyperdrive being a wormhole. Hyperdrive has nothing in common with a wormhole.

And I also seemed to notice that all of you "tactical analisys" lacks the mention that the Defiant has a Cloaking Device. How will your "superior sensors" deal with that?

CGT sensors can pick up cloaked ships.

Then comes your plan to take the Star Trek universe. You want to know defeat? One word : Borg. The borg will crush you. They have at least 300% of your manpower and ships and at every battle the gain what they lose through assimilaiton.

No, because they will be destroyed. Their ships are easy targets, and they have no planetary shield technology. Destroy their planets, and their ships have no power base. That's why they would have been destroyed by S-8472. If you can destroy their planets, they will die. Just like everyone else.

Also, Shields are useless against them.

Watch STFC. Shields are not useless against the Borg.

Now comes you Tech section. "Yes ISD's can go 1E7c". Unfortunatly, that is simply impossible because anything that can go that fast would be to the other side of the galaxy in approx. a second.

Wrong. Even at ten million times c, it would take days to cross a galaxy. Obviously, your knowledge of math is just as pathetic as your knowledge of science.

Oh and need I remind you the effects of high gees on the body. Well, it's funny that SW ships have no Inertial Dampers to combat this.

Actually, they do. Read the tech books before you spout your nonsense. Actually, forget that. Go read some real science textbooks. You need it.

oh and Just so you know, a White Dwarf star (the most dense type of star) Does not and cannot produce 72,000 gees. It is impossible for a simple turn to exert that much gravity for on somthing.

Don't be ridiculous. When you fall off a building, your body will undergo several thousand g's of deceleration when you hit the ground. It is possible to easily produce far more acceleration than any natural gravitational field will ever produce.

(Editor's note: I suppose I could have also pointed out that a white dwarf is not the most dense type of star in the universe, and that there are natural gravitational fields which easily exceed 72,000 g's such as the gravitational fields around neutron stars, but there is no point educating someone who obviously has the intelligence of a lab rat).

The much gravity is suffiecent to suck in all the light in the universe. These are just some of the qualms I have with your OUTRAGEOUS STATMENTS.

No, your qualms are based on your total, complete ignorance of real science. Go to school before you bother me with this childish nonsense again. Learn something. Grow up.

(Editor's note: I can't believe the guy seriously thinks that a 72,000g gravity well would suck in all of the light in the entire universe. I also can't believe he doesn't recognize the difference between acceleration and gravity. He seems to think that I'm talking about gravity when I describe the 72,000g turn made by Luke Skywalker's proton torpedo over the Death Star exhaust port in ANH).

I can't seriously believe that you claim that you hate the "science-mutilators" when you yourself are one!

I perform the calculations based on the physics. Your problem is that you have the scientific knowledge of a child.

And let me guess, now you just dismiss me as a "science mutilator." Well, let me tell you something, I got my calculations from two sources: 1) A high school physics teacher who has a masters in theoretical physics and a doctorate in physics 2) a high school chem teacher with a masters in applied chemistry and a BA in physics.

Bullshit. PhD's never work as high school teachers. And BTW, there is no such thing as a BA in physics. A BA is a bachelor of arts degree. You're even worse at lying about your sources than you are at pretending to be scientifically knowledgeable. No one with any scientific education would ever conclude that it is easy to destroy a planet. It takes an enormous amount of energy, which I have calculated on my site. Don't get mad just because you are so ignorant that you don't even understand the mathematical derivation.

And if you had any knowledge whatsoever of "real science" you would know that the FTL threshold is theorectically impossible.

Of course it is. I never claim that there is any real-science basis for FTL travel. But I am trying to analyze SW and ST from a scientific mindset, not trying to force them both to conform to real science. None of the technologies of either universe conform to real science. As for knowledge of real science, I have a university bachelor's degree in it. Something which you don't have. And lying about your high school teachers doesn't impress me, especially when you don't even get the names of the imaginary degrees right. Here's a tip: next time, tell a lie that is only a slight exaggeration. Slight exaggerations are easier to believe. High school teachers are never that over-qualified.

(Editor's note: A lot of high school students seem to think they can impress others with third-hand education claims, eg- "my dad has a PhD", or "my teacher has a PhD", or "I've been talking to some guys who work for NASA". I don't know why they think this will fool anyone. Education and knowledge do not osmotically transfer from one person to another. My own father holds a PhD in nuclear physics, but his PhD has nothing whatsoever to do with my argument, which must stand or fall on its own merits. Any attempt to use it would only be a fallacious appeal to authority. Besides, while it's possible that he found one of those rare people with a PhD in the hard sciences and an inclination to use it as a high school teacher, I'm certainly not about to simply take his word for it, particularly since he never provides a name or contact E-mail for this authority to whom he's appealing).

Excuse me, but you seem to bring up the point of college degree so much. I got my data from people with DOCTORATES.

But you don't have the brainpower to ask the right questions, or properly interpret the answers. Try asking them if it is possible to destroy a planet with a small amount of energy, and you will find that it is impossible. And what the hell kind of PhD works as a high school teacher? I have known several PhD's, none of whom work in high schools. You're a lousy liar.

And as for the borg, if your technology is sooooo much superior then why wouldn't the borg simply assimilate it? huh? Did factor that in my "I'm out of college and I'm so special"?

No, it's just the sort of thing that only an idiot would say. Technology analysis is only possible when the technological gap isn't too large. Give Leonardo Da Vinci the complete plans and specifications for an F-22 lightning fighter jet, and he would never be able to build it. Assimilation isn't magic. It has limits like everything else.

Also, I would very much like to see the data that you fall at several thousand gees when you fall.

You decelerate at several thousand g's when you hit the ground, you idiot. Jesus Christ, can't you understand simple english?

And also, why would a person who is out of college even make a page like this? Shouldn't you be doing something with your life, like working?

I have a job, a wife, and two kids. Do you? Oops- I forgot. You're just a snot-nosed high school kid with delusions of grandeur.

(Editor's note: When he realizes that he's hopelessly overmatched, he decides that he should flame me for not having a life. What a creative tactic- he's only about ... oh, the thousandth person who's made this subject change after realizing that he's gotten in over his head).

As for your "planetary shield" crap if it was soooo good then why wouldn't the borg already have it?

Because they're inferior to the Empire.

and what about S-8472? How do you cope with them?

Kill a half-dozen of them. They're so gutless that they retreated from the Alpha Quadrant after taking a half-dozen casualties in "Scorpion."

(Editor's note: I suppose I should have said that they retreated from the Delta Quadrant instead of the Alpha Quadrant, since this incident took place in Borg space. Oh well, nobody's perfect).

your primitive strateies rely to much on en masse forces and you lack any type of time or force flexibility.

Because hyperdrive technology completely eliminates normal requirements for logistics, campaign planning, etc. It's like having nuclear ICBM's when the other side has nothing but propeller planes. You can simply bomb him into submission without having to risk yourself at all.

(Editor's note: It seems that he's a bit of a student in military strategy. And he is actually correct when he states that my campaign plan is very simple. But what he doesn't seem to want to recognize is that when the speed and size differential is large enough, a complex plan is not necessary. The U.S. didn't need complex campaign plans to invade Grenada, and their troubles in places like Vietnam and Yugoslavia are due to the fact that they aren't committing themselves to an all-out war; the Empire would not pull their punches or worry about accidentally hitting civilians).

Also, before you go on you "typical high school ignorance" I just would like to let you know that my father is a full Colonel and is attending the National War College(to add a third masters), he is also a Doctor of Strategic Intelligence.

Ooooh. I'm supposed to be impressed because you talk about your Daddy? It's pretty sad when someone expects people to be impressed because of what his Daddy does. Does Daddy still tuck you in at night? Does he sing lullabye for his little baby?

(Editor's note: To this day I'm still not sure why he thinks that his father's military strategy background would give him the right to question me on matters of science).

Oh and by the way, I have been accepted to the Air Force Academy and West Point, what college did you go to again?

The University of Waterloo. While you learn to kill people, keep in mind that some people in this world actually learn science.

(Editor's note: First he claims that he hangs around with PhDs who have osmotically transferred their knowledge to him, then he claims that his father's military strategy background gives him expertise in these issues, and now he tries to compare the school that he plans to attend to the school that I already graduated from. Becoming a freshman is no accomplishment. The accomplishment is graduating from a program, not entering it. Shouldn't that be obvious?).

You fucking listen to me you little holier than thou shit. You and your little batchleors degree in physics can go fuck yourselves. I have been accepted to two of the best academies in the world.

To learn how to kill people? How does that make you a scientific expert? You're still nothing but a dipshit little high school kid. Too bad, so sad. Someday when you grow up and you don't have to refer to your Daddy all the time, you might understand why an adult is not impressed by high school kids with delusions of adequacy.

(Editor's note: Now he begins his steady slide into gibbering hysterics, which was obviously precipitated by his shock, horror, and anger at the fact that I actually returned his flames in kind rather than turning the other cheek. If he plans to be a professional soldier, maybe he should learn that when you take a shot at someone, you shouldn't be surprised when he shoots back).

Where did you go?! SOME STATE SCHOOL?! As for my teachers, I'll have them e-mail you their credentials. (If they want to waste their time)

I would be very interested in hearing about what sort of PhD actually works in a high school instead of working for a research firm, military supplier, or similar organization, which is where most PhDs end up.

And a BA is common term used to describe a basic college degree which is what YOU have.

Wrong, you idiot. A BA is an arts degree.

(Editor's note: Does he really think that I don't know what the name of my own degree is? What is he hoping to prove, by making up "facts" about university degrees out of his imagination? "BA" stands for "Bachelor of Arts" while "BSc" stands for "Bachelor of Science" and "BASc" stands for "Bachelor of Applied Science". If someone has a BA, regardless of whether it came from a faculty which seems scientific in nature, it is not a science degree).

As for the doctorate, you know why he stayed in teaching high school? because he didn't like arrogant know it all faggot college students like you.

Yeah, high school is much more prestigious than working for NASA, or McDonnell-Douglas, etc. Sounds very believable to me.

(Editor's note: Of course, it's not impossible for a PhD to work at a high school- it's just extremely unlikely, and I am not about to simply take this kid's word on faith. American high school teachers aren't as lavishly compensated as their Canadian counterparts. With the pay that they get, compared to what they get in private industry or as professors in universities, it is pretty damned hard to imagine that this kid is telling the truth about his teacher. I never did get an E-mail from either of his "doctorate" sources. BTW, when I say "PhD" in the context of this discussion, I am referring to PhDs in the hard sciences. There are lots of art, history, or english masters and doctorate holders who become teachers, but they have nothing to do with physics or engineering).

He's someone who actually used their education.

By teaching a bunch of snot-nosed little high school punks like you? ROTFLMAO! A PhD would be using his education at NASA. In a high school, he would be killing himself from boredom.

Why don't you go take you "college degree" and get a real life and job.

Got both. Maybe someday you'll have one. But more likely, you'll rely on your Daddy to procure one for you. Maybe you should ask Daddy to help you in that regard, tonight when he is tucking you into bed.

While you were at the University of Waterloo my father was fucking defending your lives, and no, he doens't tuck me in at night, us big boys who don't make up pages about imaginary worlds don't do that.

I doubt your father was defending my life. I'm not even an American. Or didn't it occur to you that 19/20 of this world's population lives outside of the myopic boundaries of your Americanized vision? But it sounds like he does tuck you in at night, since you keep referring to him instead of you when the issue of qualifications comes up.

(Editor's note: I was somewhat amused that some Americans took the term "myopic" as an unfair attack on all Americans. If you're an American and you refuse to admit that your entertainment and news industry is hopelessly egocentric and prone to ignoring the rest of the world, then you're simply not being honest. Not all Americans are myopic, but this kid certainly is. Maybe if he really does get accepted into a real military academy, they'll drill some sense into him).

And, while I'm learning to kill people and defend dumdfucks (who wouldn't know strategy if is bit them in the ass) like you, what will you be doing? Making more pages on THINGS THAT DO NOT EXSIST?!

Oh wow. Star Wars and Star Trek don't exist? What a news flash! I can hardly conceal my shock.

As you seem so credential oriented I thought you would like to know where I go my info.

Yes, you got it from Daddy. The point is that you have no knowledge of science whatsoever, and you are incapable of interpreting the information at your disposal, or even asking the right questions. Furthermore, it is highly doubtful that your father's education is the equivalent of a scientific education. If I ever want to know more about real life military strategy, I would love to consult someone like your father. But if I need to know how to derive the gravitational binding energy of a planet, your Daddy's knowledge is useless.

Also, maybe you should feel a little more secure of yourself. It's pretty pitiful for a grown man to have to make fun of high schoolers.

Actually, I'm hoping that I can use your posts as fodder for an upcoming page, on which I will post ignorant comments from Trekkie idiots like you and make fun of them. Keep it going- you're getting better all the time.

Perhaps you should actually try to teach us about our mistakes instead of insulting us for not being as old as you.

I do that, in my web page. Since you barely read the page and thought you could contradict all of my points, obviously you're not interested in being corrected or educated.

You are the worst excuse for a man if have ever seen.

My wife doesn't seem to think so. What does your wife- oops, I forgot. You're just a pimply-faced high school kid who masturbates into his sheets at night while looking at pictures of Nana Visitor.

Yeah, you make all those claims about hiding behind my dad, well what do you think you do with that little sheet of paper that you flaunt.

A degree is something you earn. You didn't earn your Daddy. But perhaps I'm expecting too much. A boy like you probably doesn't have the maturity to understand the value of earning things.

Oh yes, who has more of a life? High school students who make fun of adults who make a page about non-exsistant worlds or the adults themselves.

Adults who know what the word "hobby" means. We all have hobbies. If you don't like mine, that's your problem, boy.

If I hide behind my "daddy" so much why is it that I'm making fun of you and not him?

Because you're a chickenshit little kid, and you're probably afraid he'll spank you.

Oh, and I'm sure that your wife thinks you're adequate now that you have your viagra for your cronic limp dick.

Interesting comment. It sounds like you spend a lot of time thinking about men's dicks.

Oh and if you and your wife are so happy together, why aren't you in bed with her now?

There are 24 hours in a day. Lots of time for that. Oh, by the way, what do you do at night? Oh yes, I remember now. You masturbate into your sheets.

Oh that's right, you're too busy making fun of person who is in high school. I find that hilarious!

I like your caveman speech patterns. "Making fun of person who is in high school."

(Editor's note: He could have been one of the scriptwriters for "George of the Jungle". The only problem is that he wouldn't have gotten the jokes).

I through making fun of you.

This one's even better!

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