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RSA Debate

On my webboards, RSA repeatedly claimed victory over me in various threads on my web board by simply outlasting me and then claiming victory by default. I found this quite irritating, so after several other provocations, I finally decided to force the issue by challenging him to public, open debate:

The Challenge

  Me RSA
Round 1/5 First Salvo Huge reply, Part 1
Huge reply, Part 2
Round 2/5 Second Salvo, Part 1
Second Salvo, Part 2
Massive reply, Part 1
Massive reply, Part 2
Round 3/5 Third Salvo, Part 1
Third Salvo, Part 2
Giganto-reply, Part 1
Giganto-reply, Part 2
Round 4/5 Fourth Salvo, Part 1
Fourth Salvo, Part 2
Long-winded reply, Part 1
Long-winded reply, Part 2
Round 5/5 Fifth Salvo, Part 1
Fifth Salvo, Part 2
Blah blah blah, Part 1
Blah blah blah, Part 2

Debate Post-Mortem

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