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Damien Hailey

Another spacebattles.com person. Another style over substance attack. Another person who comes at me with a challenge and then acts shocked when I respond to it. Ho hum ...

To be fair, I should point out that this guy is far more of a stand-up debater than the majority of the "We Hate Stardestroyer.Net" group, since he actually has the balls to confront me directly, rather than sniping away from a distance and crying that they don't dare face me alone because I might insult them (when the real reason is that they know they'll get their asses kicked so badly that they'll be picking bits of colon out of their teeth).

May 9, 2002:

Fact #1: Yes, I'm from spacebattles. Fact #2: No, I'm not here to pick a fight with you... No, really. There are a few civilized Spacebattlers out there... Oh don't give me that look!

But I noticed your remark about the ICS vs. the ESB asteroid field, particularly your line about why no one there has come to you about it. So, here I am. Maybe you can give me some answers that *don't* make the Empire look incompetent.

According to reports about the ICS(sorry, I'm broke. I can't get my hands on a copy myself yet), The turbolasers on a troop transport came out to be equivalent to 200 gigatons. While I think that's rediculously overinflated, I really have no problem with that(although I can hear some ASVS warsies wanking off to it from here).

Then it went on to state that it's shields were in the multi-teraton range. This, I feel is past overinflated. Not because I'm a Trekkie(I'm not), but because of it's implications. Basically, it would mean first that two transports can hammer away at each other for weeks and not suffer any damage. It also means that in order to take out a single transport, you would have to use *Heavy* turbolasers, which I'm not sure could even hit it, or have damn near the entire fleet pour all available firepower to take out a single transport. And if that was true, then apparently the Seperatists didn't have a chance in hell once they sent in the Clones(Okay, *someone* had to say it!).

Then there's the infamous "Asteroid Impact" scene. Given the supposed Teraton-level shielding, I don't see how that asteroid field could've posed any danger to a Star Destroyer even if it powered through it at maximum combat speed, ignoring everything but Planet Killer-sized rocks.

Some of the Warsies have offered explanations, chief among them being that the shields were down to recive Holonet transmissions from the Executor, and that the ISD in question had sustained damage from the Ion Cannon at Hoth, and both it's shield generators and turbolaser batteries weren't working at full capacity. But I think that even if the shields were at 1% capacity, and considering the fire they managed to put out, the still should've held out against what was at best a multi-megaton impact.

At best I could figure out would be that the Particle Shields are extremely weak, or that they're right, and the Commander of that ISD was an idiot for going into that field with a not-even-combat-ready ship. To which they claim that Vader forced them to go in("Asteroids do not concern me"). But then that would make Anikin himself the fool for sending that one in, when he could've sent in another, less damaged ISD, or even sent in the Executor itself.

So, assuming episode 3 doesn't shed some more light(i.e. proof) on the subject(and I don't want to wait that long, anyway), have you any better answers?

Nothing ever really changes, eh? This exchange was conducted in a somewhat hurried fashion because I wanted to get it out of the way before AOTC hit the theatres. I intend to discuss AOTC in some detail (naturally), so I warned him early that I intended to cut this discussion off on the 16th. Just keep that in mind if you find more spelling errors, grammar errors, or general sloppiness than usual.

May 9, 2002

May 10, 2002

May 13, 2002

May 15, 2002

May 16, 2002

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