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Posted by Captain Kruger ( on June 29, 2002 at 18:04:22:

In Reply to: A few possibilities... posted by Nhik Rath on June 29, 2002 at 16:23:04:

: Ok, so the Jedi knew that there is still a Sith out there somewhere, and after Dooku's declaration to Obi-wan (which the seemed to believe), they know now that the Sith Lord is heavily involved in Senatorial affairs.

: A very high possibility, then, would be a witchhunt, by the Jedi, of the Senators whom they suspect to be Sith Lords. With their failing power in the Force, and Palpatine's growing might, they'll probably not be able to see the obviousness of Palpatine's role in it all.

: But ok, wrap your mind around this one:

: What if a Senator that the Jedi suspect (and who Palpatine/Sidious/Dooku frame) is Amidala? ( Do you think she suspects an attack?) Ok, now think about this:
: Amidala is framed, Jedi hunt her, Anakin protects her, then in a totally awesome confrontation, the Jedi KILL Amidala right in front of Anakin. Ooooooh. This will cause two things:

: One: The Jedi are doomed. The galaxy sees their arrogance and paranoia as dillusional and a general hazard to the populace. The galaxy is ripe for a Purge.

: Two: Anakin gains not a simple dislike of the Jedi, but a deep and unwavering HATRED of them. In his fury, he turns against the Jedi, including Obi-wan.

: Now the stage is set for an awesome ESB-style revelation. Anakin faces the Darth Sidious, ready to get medieval, right? But get this ( and remember that Anakin refered to Palpatine as "a great man".): in one awesome scene, Darth Sidious removes his hood, and Anakin's world is destroyed. The man whom he considers to be one of the greatest (if not the greatest) in the galaxy, is a Sith, THE Sith. This combined with his deep hatred for the Jedi allows Anakins to fall and become the Sith Lord DARTH VADER, MUHAHAHA!!!

: OMG, I love it.
: Whadya think?

Hell yes! Most people figured that Anakinís turn from the adorable kid in Ep1 to the Dark Lord of Ep4-6 was going to be a tragic affair. What an interesting twist if in Ep3, the watershed event that drives young Skywalker over the edge actually got us ROUTING for him as he stomped some Jedi ass!


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