Three things Lucaus could do to throw us a loop

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Posted by Mr Bean ( on June 29, 2002 at 09:21:34:

1. We all know that Pap is going to become the ruler of the Empire right?
What if he does not?
What do I mean..?
Two possible altenative solutious present themselves

First what off if he acutal the brother of the big bad dark-jedi?
This could clear a few plot holes and also explained why he looks so diffrent now than he did ROTJ era(Sure its been a few years but you can see him now a hunched and cloacked in AoTC
Second Clone is the one in office or somthing, simliar to first explination but a bit more devious

2. Thats not my Boba!
Up to this point *cannon lit has held few facts about Boba Fett and most has been out-sourced so to speak for a hungrey Boba wanting public. One I remebered reading a few years back was "Last one Standing" I can't remeber the authoer but it was inculded in those books they tossed out a few years back called Tales of the Bounty Hunters, I'll look it up later today. In it Boba is no cloned Fett junior(Not a Mini-Fett, sorry could not resist) but rather a little principled *guy for lack of description kicked out of an order of monks for killing a rather corrupt person. From my point of view atcual seeing Boba in all his kiddy glory was a let down from AoTC. I prefered the old faceless *nearly untoucable Boba from The orginoal set of movies

Ok what if the Boba we see is not the Boba we get. Sure we have the clone of a pretty smart and good Bounty hunter and he has a ship loaded not dought with tons of nice completly illegle hard-ware that should get the law after him in ten seconds or less. NTM the fact he is after all just a kid, What 9 maybe 10 maybe 12 years old?
Sure it would be nice for young Boba to kill Mace. What if he dies in the procces? Or dies eariler and you have some other(Faceless mind you) guy show up and take over the Bobaing around SW and get some mystery back into it

3. Last thing he could do
Show us the Thrawn! I think most of the people here have read Hier to the Empire, Dark Force Rising, The Last Command by by Timothy Zahn. Best darn post SW books written in my opioion
Here's how it works out. End of the movie show Pap sending of Thrawn to the Unknow Sector and a short message at the end of the movie similiar to this

Lucus:Hey all Lucus here you know what?
All: What?
Lucus:I'm a bit short on the ten foot deep money pool so you know what?
All: What?
Lucus: I'm making more SW movies
Most: Woohoo!

There ya go three things that Lucus could do throw us for a loop

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