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Posted by DG_Cal_Wright ( on June 29, 2002 at 02:11:00:

First off, like the good little ass kisser I am, Mr. Wong, this has been a very enjoyable sight. Keep up the good work!!!

I am going to rant and rave here for right now, for some reason I can't get into spacebattles.com, don't know if it's down or not. Either way.To me Attack of the Clones was a great movie. I thought it really ranked over all. Sure there were bits, and pieces, but come on, A New Hope anyone?

The biggest thing that just floats my boat, jerks my chain, blows me down is the ability of George Lucas to find a good set of expanded universe material, shit on it, and then find some more EU material and use it to cover the last one up. I understand that some people became Star Wars fans after reading the novels and such. However, the movies are not only cannon, but they represent Lucas' vision. The way he wants to tell the story. Star Wars is his story and not the story of all these so called writers. Personally, I'd love to see Lucas find a way in episode 3 to just go right in the face of all EU literature. I know I will get quite a flame for this but let's be realistic. I can look over to my side right now, see at least 75% of the novels and know that in anyone of them I pick up before getting even half way down a page a glaring contradiction to the original trilogy will be present. *whew* Seriously, everyone wants the prequels to mesh with the books! Get real, the books don't even mesh with the original trilogy. Despite the claims of every lucasfilms official that they strive for continuity. Please!!! Hello? Mcfly? How long is a Super Star Destroyer? How long does a travel in hyperspace from the core to the rim take? I could go on, but I won't. Hopefully I can come back and post how great Star Wars is, but for now, screw EU.

Ewoks rock, Jar Jar is now desa man, and Vader's body DID NOT DISAPPEAR!!!


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