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Posted by Marcello Invernizzi ( on June 28, 2002 at 16:06:11:

In Reply to: Re: pretty cool... posted by Todd Kes on June 28, 2002 at 11:23:30:

Personally I believe that the stormtrooper's armor is designed to protect the soldier from shrapnel and NBC but nothing more(otherwise it would weigh too much).
Onscreen direct blaster bolts are always lethal to them.So I think that a phaser on a relative high setting should be able to
disintegrate the plate and damage or kill the wearer.Of course a federation "army" would be dead meat against the imperial army for the lack of armor and support weapons.They could destroy some AT-STs with their bazookas seen in the last star trek film
(I am still convinced that they are designed to fire at least even short-ranged SAM missiles to shoot down enemy shuttles,they are too big to be only grenade launchers).But they are probably without countermeasures against the AT-ATs.

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