why i would like to see sw end

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Posted by a ( on July 02, 2002 at 00:39:05:

the idea of star wars was great, but over the years writers and some fans hold on to the expanded universe vision of star wars. In the eu we see the sw universe expanding but not growing or changing much. We see jedi gettingg married and having kids, a no no according to the movies so far, and even if jedi had children who is to say they will be able to use the force? In the eu we see the blind leading the blind when it comes to any sort of story. If your going to tell a story, it should be told right. I'm tired of the crap books i have read over the years, most of them are quite poor. The eu has destroyed the original story of sw and continues to do so. The fans that are so hungry for anything sw gobble this crap up like a drug addicted fool. I just wish sw would be put to rest.

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