Reminds me of something a few years back.....

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Posted by Cyborg Stan of CyKoLaJx, Inc. ( on July 01, 2002 at 10:54:24:

In Reply to: Re: As far as the exploding fusion reactors brain-bug. posted by RayCav of ASVS on July 01, 2002 at 08:15:51:

personally I think exploding fusion engines go back to most people's conceptions of bombs. I wrote an e-mail to Wong about it not too long ago, hopefully he'll include it in this site in the near future:)

Here we go.... Re: [OT] How to ruin a perfectly good movie, by Chuck Sonnenburg. Revalent part quoted below :

I had fun discussing Hollywood explosives with my students because of that movie. Moviemakers believe that anything that is either in a sealed container or is a liquid that can be burned will explode if even breathed on wrong. A car hits a telephone pole and explodes.... now how the hell did that car ever get past the safety tests? Imagine them doing the seatbelt test and the car explodes, raining pieces of flaming test dummy everywhere. "Um, better put in a passenger side airbag."
Have these people ever heard of a detonator? Most of this stuff is designed so that it DOESN'T blow up if you fart next to it; you know, for safety reasons. Nope, just drop the thing and it will explode, no question.

After this I spent the rest of the day pretending to throw stuff and having it explode; staplers, pencils, paperclips...

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