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Posted by Meghel ( on June 28, 2002 at 07:25:06:

In Reply to: Re: RE: 8 things I'd like to see in Episode III posted by Frank on June 28, 2002 at 07:00:45:

Initiating the War:
Well, Palpatine did not Initiate the War, in fact the Jedi did Initiate the war. Palpatine in fact has no other choise then now continue the war now that the Seperatists and the Jedi had started hostilities.

At this time, it will still seem to the people of the Republic that Palpatine is just forced to make war and that he in fact does not want it.
Just look at his speech. I will Gamble $1000 that it was broadcasted to every system in the Republic.

On There not being a war:
Sure, there might not have been a galactic-cale war for some time, but there are bound to be border skirmishes, small wars, rivalries, pirate fleets, etc, etc.

The Trade Federation did field those big battleships of them. Now why would they even have weapons if the Galaxy was always so peaceful?
You are correct though on there not being a large war.

On the Republic Becoming the Empire:
At the end of AOTC, the Republic is not yet the Empire! The Republic still functions, the Senate is still active.
They have only voted a dictator in power to help them through the dark period.
Palpatine even made the mention that he would glady give up those powers after the end of the war.

The Empire is The New Order and the installment of a Police State. The Republic is nowhere near this far yet.

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