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Posted by Meghel ( on June 28, 2002 at 07:13:45:

In Reply to: Clone Army posted by Allard-Jan van Marle on June 28, 2002 at 04:52:43:

The problem with only 1.2 milion Clone Troopers is that it IS still a small number on galactic scale.

Sure, they may be Elite Soldiers and better then anything that the Seperatists can throw at them.
But that doesn't really matter for the Seperatists if they just continue to crank out more and more droids.

In the End, the Clone Troopers will simple be overwhelmed if there isn't any serious extra backup.

It is much more believeable if there are more then 1.200.000 Clone Troopers and that a unit compromises 10-100 Troopers.
Perhaps Units are defined as "Fighting Units", of which we saw several; a group of Soldiers, led by an officer.

I would find it much more believeable that a unit is more then just one trooper.


Also bear in mind that there are only 200.000 units ACTIVE. We saw in fact a lot of children undergoing training and I doubt that they will be active right away. We even saw Babies in their gestation chambers who had just been developped.

So lets say that there are currently 200.000 Units of Grown-Up Clonetroopers ready and 1.000.000 Units in various stages of development.

If it is true that a Unit is a Clone Trooper, it is not a chance that is going to be enough to last the Entire Clone War.


My view is that:
A) Either Clone Trooper Units consist of more then one trooper, in which case the maths make a lot more sense.

B) A Clone Trooper Unit is indeed one trooper, in which case the Clone Troopers will have to be reinforced with normal forces really quickly because their numbers are not high enough to last even trhough a prolonged campaign.

I Think B is the most plausible solution though.
The Clone Troopers are just the temporary basis of the army untill the conscription can bring in enough soldiers to supplement teh forces and defeat the seperatists.

They better start Conscripting.

With regards,


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