Re: What should Lucas really do in E3

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Posted by BC ( on July 01, 2002 at 02:26:46:

In Reply to: Re: What should Lucas really do in E3 posted by Damien Sorresso on June 30, 2002 at 21:29:25:

: That's an interesting take on things, but I seriously doubt that Padme is working with the Palpatine because Palpatine wanted her dead in the first one.

Perhaps you missed the drug induced delusion part....
anyhow, I think it would probably be cooler if they it turned out like that.

My ultimate dream is for Padame to have an affair with Mace Windo & yoda in tag team 3 flavoured ice cream gender bender extravengaza, which is accidently recorded by R2D2, and simulcast through the republic's holonet making Atakin a point of ridicule throughout the galatic republic, espeically after the Galatic Senate votes it XXX Holo of the year. (I could swear I can see Ted Kennedy in that role...). In this turn of events, the rest of the jedi are just disgusted and quit the order, Atakin throws himself into a lava pit to escape the redicule, and is broguht back to life under his new vader identity. Padame, then travels to alderan to be the consort of the king there. And obi takes luke so he won't live up to his parents shame in the furthest out reach he could go -- tantooine.

Yah, and space battles, and yoda beating people with his cane. I miss that, best part of TESB.

On a more serious note, can't you just see the possibility, if she did work for palpitine, and then uses her nabooin langerie to lure him to the dark side. I mean it makes perfect sense, since women drive men to do evil and stupid stuff.

Yah Eve its all you, I am stuck working 9 to 5 cause of you Eve!!!

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