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Posted by Darth Gojira ( on June 30, 2002 at 07:50:19:

In Reply to: RE: 8 things I'd like to see in Episode III posted by Meghel on June 28, 2002 at 03:41:29:

: Greetings, Mr. Wong.

: I have one special observation on your "8 things to see in Episode III" page.

: You say that you would like to see Orbital Bombardment of a Planet. Then you say that we will probably not see it.

: I have a hunch, however, that we will indeed see (or at least graphically hear stories) of an Orbital bombardment.

: The victim? Naboo.

: Naboo is the Homeworld of Padme, her family lives there. It is probably also the Homeworld of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine.

: What better target for the Seperatists to strike back at their hated enemies?
: The Homeworld of their two most hated opponents (remember Nute Gunray was really intent on seeing Padme dead).
: It is a clear psychological target for any vengefull seperatist.

: And of course, we have not yet seen HOW Palpatine becomes Emperor Palpatine.

: Sure, it is one thing to get a lot of power given to you, but it is a LOT different to use that power to crown yourself Emperor and declare yourself Grand Leader of the Galaxy.

: To have Palpatine crowned Emperor, there must be some sort of shock which makes people give in to this, some sort of catastrophy which will make the people WANT Palpatine as Emperor.

: Lets say the war is going reasonable.

: Palpatine has been making good work of his job and the people like him very much as the figure to bring order and peace.

: **
: But He sill does not have complete power. It is one thing to be elected Great Leader, it is another thing altogether to actually BE the Great Leader.
: **

: Then suddenly, I think (and expect), Naboo will be Orbital Bombarded by the Seperatist forces after Loyal forces could not (or did not) wish to make a stand there for some reason or another. (All a plot of Palpatine/Darth Sidious)

: Naboo gets turned into a Wasteland.

: Palpatine and the rest of the Senate go into a true frenzy because of the atrocity on a peaceful planet.
: Palpatine, in a heartwrenching speech, strikes at the bureaucrats that are still somehwhat marring the republic.

: Palpatine cracks down heavily on those bureaucrats with the help of the populace (who love him) and then institutes himself as True Great Leader.
: There is still a senate but, with popular support, Palpatine is extremely powerfull.

: In the end, he finishes the Clone wars, which makes him even more popular.

: But there is still the Senate, which will start protesting after the Clonewars and ask for a Return to the Old Values of the Republic.

: Palpatine has the Fleet and the Army, but the Senate can make things extremely difficult for him nonetheless through political aggitation and sudden open support of the Rebellion.

: ***Drum**

: Role in The Death Star to Silence the Senate once and or all. Rule Through Fear and Disband the Senate.

: *** End Drum ***

: Of course, this is just a theory. But I think it is a good one.

: With regards,

: Meghel

Naboo, inhabited by pacifists and primitives, seems like the ideal target for either a BDZ or another droid invasion. Personally, Amidala was kinda stupid for trying to stop the military creation act WHEN HER OWN PLANET WAS CREAMED BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T HAVE A MILITARY!!! (Pant, pant, pant, sorry, gotta rant sometime

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